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Payload Basics. Question


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Please bare with me this is a very nube question. 

In bash bunny. 

Lets say in payload - Switch1 - payload.txt

What would be the syntax to run another payload.txt say from " payloads/library/test/payload.txt "


So payload/switch1/payload.txt would execute and run payloads/library/test/payload.txt "


Thanks in advance, I know it's a very basic question.. 


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6 hours ago, PoSHMagiC0de said:

source /root/udisk/payloads/library/test/payload.txt


Everything starts at /root.

/root/udisk is the root of the partition you see when you plug in the BB in arming mode and browse to it like a storage device.


Alternatively you could do:

--# Not sure exactly how many '../' you need, can't remember the file structure
source ../../library/test/payload.txt


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