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Rename BushBunny


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Hi guys,

I'm a happy fan of hak5 and bushbunny.

I have a very simple question, I've searched on the forum but didn't find this: CAN I RENAME THE BUSHBUNNY USB?

When I plug in the bushbunny in the Computer folder of my Windows I see: BashBunny (E:) I would like to rename this, is it possible without risks?


Hope you can help me,

Thank you.


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And is there a way to do this under Debian?  My research shows it's as easy as "mlabel -i /dev/sdX ::NewLabel".  However, when I issue an "fdisk /dev/sdX -s", I get the following information:


[...] label: "BashBunny  "   <=== Notice the extra 2 spaces after the name; file manager application does not show any extra spaces.


Are these spaces intentional?  If I use mlabel to rename the device, am I asking for trouble?



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