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Very basics question


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I'm new to the bash bunny but have had the rubber ducky since the beginning. 

Very basic question, Which I guess I can test when I have some time. 

Since we now have a Payload folder outside of the switch payload. 

Can we inside the switch payload txt just point to another payload text thats in the Payload folder. 

Again I know this is probably a very basic question, However I didn't see any documentation anywhere. 

I would be nice to reference one or multiple other payloads from one script

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If it is on the Bunny and you know the path you can source other files.  Like in my project, it sources about 3 to 4 files to configure itself and run.  But yes you can source outside the switch folder and payload folder.  You can even source something on the Bunny's root partiton if you put something there.  So yes.  The tools are ran from the root partition like smbserver.py for the smbserver.  Even python is on the root and you are able to run that.

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