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Hey guys,

I've been out of the scene for awhile and was wondering if you could help me out?

What do you all recommend is the best highest standard or favorite phone to use with the Nano? I dailied my Nexus 5 until it was broken lol so I'm looking to get a new phone. What do you think of any of the newer model phones as far as supported compatibility? Also, Is USB C feasable with an adapter or is that too much of a pain?

Thanks Hak5 Team!

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It would probably be a bit of both Spoonish. I'm possibly thinking about the S8 but I would need to get root to be happy. I just haven't been up to date with the Dev threads lately.  As of yet I'm not putting my money on it being the best phone I should choose, so I was seeking advice when it comes to the newer gen phones. It would have to have USB-OTG support as Foxtrot said and I really do miss my Nethunter ROM on my previous Nexus 5. Dual-boot compatibility is plus. I  perhaps could grab a list of compatible devices from XDA I just didn't feel like digging the forums on a cracked screen at with finicky digitizer [RIP LG V20] so I was just wondering what everyone else liked to daily drive with their Nanos? Not sure how lucky I will be with a rootable version from a local phone dealer so in the meantime I've been holding off until I can find a stable platform

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You know what the not-so-wise-man once said right?

Another one.

Get another Nexus 5, or Nexus 5X (better battery, NFC, CPU etc.).

I daily a Nexus 5 and it's still one of the best phones for the money. However, I dislike how the NFC hardly works unless you take off the case and push your card on top of it, and it doesn't support too many formats either..

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Sadly it was Pwnie Express that I paid for in 2014. I had money at the time but I'm just going to go with the Community Edition ROM if I go that route again. I was thinking a 5X if I do decide a Nexus replacement. Is there anything newer though that provides the same functionality? I was in a pretty bad motorcycle accident so I was recovering for awhile. Just haven't been able to leave off from where I was since February 2013. Thanks for the feedback though guys! Any help is appreciated :)

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