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No tools in the "tools" folder

Farbod salardini

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Guys I just got my BB and I updated it to the latest firmware and I downloaded all the payloads but none of them works (more specifically they create an empty folder in "loots" with the name of the payload  )... I assumed it was because I didn't have any tools.... so I downloaded all of the tools from the " hak5 forums" ... and in order for the tools to install I should unplug and plug my BB in arming mode again) but every time I open my " tools " folder in my BB it's empty ( despite I downloaded them several times) ...what is the problem?.... what should I do?

PS ( I'm working with windows 10)

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Are you talking about the tools folder on the USB partition in arming mode or the tools folder in the linux partition when you ssh in?

The tools folder in the USB partition you see in arming mode will always be empty.  If you put a tool package in there to be installed and restarted in arming mode, it will install it to the linux /tools folder and delete the package from the tools folder on the arming mode USB partition.  If you want to see if they are installed, you can create a new payload with ATTACKMODE RNDIS_ETHERNET and shh into the bunny to see if off the root the tools folder has your tools installed.


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Ok I'm gonna be honest I'm not from the U.S and from where I come from,, it seems like I can't use the bunny updater so I had to download the firmware 1.3 manually,,, oh and by the way I read your tutorial and it didn't help me,,, quick question ( I am a noob) but do I have to have the tools in order for the payloads to work? Oh and how can I check if I have the tools ?because they are not in the tools folder. Oh and when I read the other forums it looked like empty loot folder doesn't have anything to do with no tools ,, so can anyone help me here is my bash bunny broken? ( is all these problems because I'm working with windows 10? Or is it connected?)

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