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Josh Fabulous Elite H4x0r Action Figure!


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Ok guys here is my plan..I want to start flooding the phones of superstores and major toystores with requests for the "Josh Fabulous Elite H4x0r Action Figure" Myself and a couple of friends have already begun but I would like to spread this EVERYWHERE possibly even catching media attention.

Here the details:

-Josh Fabulous Elite H4x0r action figure with titanium sword

-Translates 1337 speak!

-Push button on back for karate kick action!

-titanium sword never breaks! Unless you bend it too much, then it breaks.

-Stylish 'forest camo' clothing accessories

-integrated night vision system

-Checks your Email!

-Walks your dog

-And more....

The previous are details to give to the toy department/cashiers. If interested email me at blackfish4669((AT))gmail.com or join the txmob group ::Projekt:: (www.txtmob.com) Now, do you want to be a part of the next big thing, or just another nobody left in the dust?

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Edit: Not news, moved. I'd almost think this is spam if it weren't for the absence of the usual signs. Right now I don't think it is but a reply to this message by the original poster would be nice to confirm that it's real.

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Moonlit I can assure you this is NOT spam, forgive me for posting in the wrong section :oops: I will try not to make that mistake again. Anywayz, I would really like to get this up and running, I think it would be hilarious if everyone was going around asking there friends "Have you heard of the Josh Fabulous Elite H4x0r Action figure? Everyone Keeps calling about it!" Maybe my humour is diffrent then everyone elses but in my oipinion it would be kick ass! I have also included the PLA and H4xM3 Network with this project. Sry again for the mistake!


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No klingon translation has been announced yet...maybe in the fall line! Ok short story for you guys, a friend of mine and myself have been calling across the country (Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania) asking for thisa action figure. We usually get the same confused response until my friend matt breaks into the Josh Fabulous Elite H4X0r Theme song (I will post it up when I get the lyrics down :lol: ) At this point they generally double check believing that we actually heard the song on the official commercial. Well at a friendly toys r us in pennsylvania we have been fortunate enough to call on three diffrent occasions and upon each call speak with an incompetent employee by the name of melissa. She seems to now think that since the toy is so popular a truck must be coming since the toy is so "popular" :o In fact, when we called yesterday she actually said "Wow. You are the third person to call for that, now I am starting to want one." Maybe I am a bit too old for prank calls but what can I say, I'm addicted!

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Why do you call them prank calls ? I mean this thing can be as real as... Heck I'll buy an action figure of a hacker :D It doesn't have to be the one u say but I'll pay money 2 have an action figure of Dade Murphy saying "mess with the best die like the rest" :D THIS WOULD BE LIKE THE GEEKIEST THING TO DO EVER!!! :P

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