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Association Issue


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I'm having trouble setting up associations to work in a testing environment against my mobile phone. I've successfully been able to send deauth packets to my router causing all of the hosts to drop off the wifi. I can see probe requests being logged in the Logging tab and my SSID is correctly added to the PineAP Pool. Despite this, there are no association logs found in Logging. I have all the options in PineAP checked and both interval options are set to Aggressive. 

Is there something I'm not doing correctly that is stopping associations from happening?


Client - Deny Mode
SSID - Allow Mode (set to my router's SSID)

I've set up an Open SSID through AP channel 11. 

I've only just set the Tetra up.

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The pineapple will not work if your using your home routers ap as with PineAp.  Your home router has a password and the pineapple takes advantage of you having saved open APs on your devices and it says " hey im that openap, connect to me" . So long story short, I won't replicate a password protected AP without a password.

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