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Pi Zero W Attack tool


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I want to run a server from my PI Zero W (Why? Because I can)

I have a a static IP address and would like to run a server on my PI. But I'm worried about the other computers on my home network. What tools can I load onto my pi and attack my other computers to see if they are safe.


All my Computer are Ubuntu so if there are tools I can use from these that would be interesting too. So I can attack one from the other.....


Thank You...

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All the tools that run on kali, will run on uBuntu for the most part, but just install Kali on the Pi and then you have all the tools you'll need to get stared poking at the rest of the machines on your network. Ideally you only need a few things to really get started, which only require some linux and basic essentials. Nmap, netcat, little bash scripting and auotmating things to scan and check for, and just poking what is on the network and enumerating what they may be vulnerable to. In most cases, tools only get you a rough overview. They aren't perfect, not 100% reliable in all cases anyway. Enumeration is key, not OS or tool specific. Good understanding of networking and services on ports and google fu will help more than anything else will.

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