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darkCharlie (stealing SSH creds)

Michael Weinstein

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I decided to put together a payload to get myself familiar with the bunny.  This was inspired by SudoBackdoor and borrows heavily from it, but uses python because I'm more fluent in that than bash.

I'm hoping to have this thing completed by the end of this week or possibly the weekend.

The code under development is on my github at https://github.com/michael-weinstein/bashbunny-payloads/tree/darkCharlie/payloads/library/credentials/darkCharlie

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oXis, I was debating about that one.  Truth be told, it's generally not installing packages.  The packages it tries to install usually come standard (except for sometimes paramiko) and if it can find them, it won't try to install them.  The main package it depends on is getpass to give a proper password prompt, but I think that's a standard python package now.  It's worked pretty well in testing, although I put it aside for a bit because I got another interesting idea.

JediMasterX... check it out at the link.

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