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pandora.jar error


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I found another post that said I needed a Firefox flash switcher extension so I could run an 8x version of Flash (not 9x)... but when I started using 8x, it said it couldn't run Pandora until I updated my version of Flash. When I ran the updated version, it gave me the same error - saying that it couldn't find the file and I needed to run Pandora in the FIRFOX browser.

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Sorry guys but you must obviously be doing something wrong!

I'm running PJ without any problems!

so again same old stuff:

- use the version 7.4.0 beta CF3 (http://www.hak5.org/forums/viewtopic.php?p=53287#53287)

- make sure you run flash 8, not 9, or use the flash switcher extension

- use the greasemonkey-script or the trick with opening pandora.com in another tab to get rid of the "you have to update"-message (read the corresponding threads, there is not only one about this issue...)

You CAN run PJ without major problems - I do, so why shouldn't you be able?

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