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Wireless Security


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So I have a customer who is looking to get a Wireless Security system for his office that uses a cell phone SIM card to communicate.

I advised him that I would not go wireless when it comes to securing my business.

I would think these could be jammed pretty easily with cell phone jammers, is this true?

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Anything wireless can be jammed pretty easily, but cell jammers usually will land you in jail pretty quickly in the US.  A router blasting deauth packets will normally barely get a second look.

Unless you find a security system that is operating each on a sim itself (fairly expensive i would think) then more than likely they are going to just be wifi and a pineapple will take them down rather quickly.  I had a friend that didn't believe me on this either when I asked why he didn't wire because he had the option to do so, he said why would he.  I pulled out he nano and started up deauthing module and minute later all his security cameras were offline, by the next week he switched them all over to wired option instead.

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He can make it hybrid.  His perimeter should be hard lined.  Some important cameras can be hard lined and then any extas he can go wireless.

I convinced a small business here to go that route to save on money and cover the important basis.  They were all wired alarm and wireless cameras.  Should they not have a big enough buffer and jammed long enough, you will lose the footage of the crime.  They now switched some of the important cameras with good coverage to wired.  So, even with their hybrid system, their few wireless cameras I made sure had fat buffers.

So, going completely wireless maybe a bad idea, having non-critical areas on wireless may not be a bad idea for cost savings.

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I would say it depends on the data being held.

If it's just general stuff, no bank details or sensitive information being held, wireless should be OK.

If there's any sensitive data, I personally wouldn't go wireless. Too easy to MITM or intercept.

Also, latency is higher with wireless; generally, medium to large businesses should stick with wired connections for the majority of their important data. Faster, more secure.

If it's a small office in someone's basement, with 2-3 people and a cat, wireless is probably OK.

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