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FOUND ON HN: 30 interesting commands for the Linux shell


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Found this on hackernews and thought some were interesting, especially #26. Could this possible fix the nano's SD card issue? I can mt tey it at the moment (dumb 'ol Irma) but someone should try it out. Good luck


26. Fix ext4 file system with problems with its superblock

sudo fsck.ext4 -f -y /dev/sda1
sudo fsck.ext4 -v /dev/sda1
sudo mke2fs -n /dev/sda1
sudo e2fsck -n <first block number of previous
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12 hours ago, Dave-ee Jones said:

? Do you mean you can't test it at the moment?

Ah, sorry man. Did it wash away your stuff or did it just take down the internet/power around those areas? Surprised you still have service.

Yup on the first, second, no power where I live but a few miles away there's power and service. No water damage thanks to everything being in varying sizes of ziplock/trashbags saturated in desiccants.

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