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i'm starting to get pissed @avast ! ...


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ok so first avast gave a false positive on thight vnc

so in the live show they're tlking bout steghide , so i go and try and download it adn longbehold avast pops up an tells me its a trojan WTF ??


i kno this cant be thrue , but wots up with avast and all the friggin false positives ??

i'm starting to feel like i'm useing friggin norton !

this seriously is pissing me off ....


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hmm i know that VNC is now picked up by a lot of virus scanners now because it is commonly used in payloads, though most will come up with it was a major threat but prompt for solution, we as somethink like sub7 is isntantly killed.

As for steghide, yeah i was blocked for that one to T_T, im thinking it has somethink to do with you being able to engolth malicios code into the files, since avast has picked me up on most of the binders that i use.

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I've always used AVG and I've really liked it. It's very simple, it has real-time protection, and it's ALWAYS found software that I knew was bad (even when downloading zip files).

However, I'm always on the lookout for something better so when I built my new box I installed Avast. I used it for about 4 months or so and there's not much about it that I like. I just recently uninstalled it and switched back to AVG.

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