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How to make an live internet radio sation??


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1. Get Winamp


2. Download the Shoutcast plugin

Windows: http://www.shoutcast.com/downloads/shoutca...9-0-windows.exe

Mac OS X, Linux and FreeBSD


3. If your IP changes, Use something like NoIp


Hope this helps.

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Anyone used VLC player? Seems to have a whole host of streaming features (both audio and video), and has a lot of complicated networking stuff to boot. Worth having a look at (http://www.videolan.org/streaming/)... Shoutcast might be easyer to setup though.

Bare in mind that over the Internet its not gonna be great, most home ADSL/Cable connections just don't have the upload bandwidth. However, if your sharing a network with a bunch of people its great. Works well at partys if you can sync up 2-3 hi-fi's over your house. (always a bit of an arse with shoutcast i found).

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I've used Vlc in the past, Never used it to broadcast live streams though. I was wondering, does it also let you live DJ like shoutcast does...or can you only stream Video/Audio files?

If you mean queue up some tracks and mix in talking with it, i'm not sure. I think VLC is more software to push/pull audio/video from anywhere to anywhere. Rather than mixing several streams (audio/music & mic feed i presume) together and streaming the result (it probally can, i just don't know how to).

If your mixing the mic and the audio together in hardware or another program, VLC would be a good way of taking that stream and doing anything you want with it. If your not, i suspect there are better solutions out there.

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It's amazing that no one has mentioned SAM Broadcaster. I know everyone likes free, but it's "basically" free. :twisted: But it is the best software out there if you want to stream and mix in voice and other sounds. WAR Room I believe even mixes in a skype call.

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