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Hey guys I've spent a few weeks playing with the usb rubber ducky and I finally understand it now ( I'm new to hacking and computers and stuff. And when I mean hacking I mean white hat, discovering flaws and searching for fixes). The rubber ducky is great and powerful. First off. There are a lot of flaws detected for windows and mac machines but I am looking for flaws in chromebook machines. I've discovered so many but then again there are so many more. Chromebooks are the future of tech/laptops/ small laptop book things. Is there a way to get cached passwords just through a command line? Chromebooks are super slow and the rubber duck is fast... it wouldn't work to go into chrome settings then copy passwords. 


Anyone find a flaw which allows them to get chrome passwords fast?

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I'm also a new kid on the block with a Tetra....I'll be interested to see if you find anything in a chromebook....I'm sure there is... I have a friend that has one and figures he is safe...people are so naive (I must admit, I was too) but I am totally amazed at what you can buy "off the shelf" as far as books, or download tutorials/books/software that will tell you step by step how to hack something or someone...

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