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The-Reincarnation - ONLINE MMO (text based)


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This is a game I've recently really gotten into. It requires some intelligence and planning to play it well so i think you guys should love it

I'm not going to write a tutorial but i will tell you basically (and briefly) what it is

Its a game where your an archmage (original name) and you have to try to command your fortress' and try to gain rank and become to best

The start of the game is fairly boring for you basically need to research spells.

After the start you have to summon units, buy heros, slaughter enemies (i recommend joining a guild (i may start one if we get enough hak5ians)

And yea

There is a detailed tutorial/guide on the site

I will answer questions about it

Hope you enjoy

p.s. im on the "guild" server with the name BoD

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