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Hi there!

What do i need to do to change the lamguage correctly? 

I got a fresh bunny, latest firmware 1.3, bunny updater win32. But i always keep getting wrong keyboard inputs when i test payloads on my acer laptop.


So what EXACTLY needs to be done to change a language, for example to german "de" keyboard layout?

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Update your config.txt file (on your mass storage partition) to say "DUCKY_LANG de" instead of "DUCKY_LANG us".

Also remove any mentions of DUCKY_LANG from the payloads you are running. In theory, no payloads should set the language at all, as this should now be done via the config.txt.

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On 9/9/2017 at 3:59 AM, WiFiJuice said:

The Swedish language is corrupt for OS X.

Can this be fixed? @Skiddie @Sebkinne

I can't either use the "~" or the "\" and that makes it almost impossible to run any payloads. Really frustrated. Can you please help me out guys?


I don't think it's corrupt, I think you're just using a different version of the Swedish language than the creator was. Probably best to create your own. It's very straightforward. You can look in the language files themselves to see how it's done (the .json's).

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