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running apps off bash bunny


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My friend came into my dorm room(when I was in class) and messed everything up so as a little present I'm planning to run a fork bomb command on his macbook air. Don't worry, it won't mess up his mac for good. The macs are school-given, and so the terminal is disabled. Can I store iterm2 on the bash bunny and have it run the iterm2? If so, how?

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Well, the thing is, you need to tell the Macbook to run iterm2 from the Bash Bunny's flash storage, but you don't have access to the terminal. You could manually select it from the Bash Bunny's flash storage, I guess, but there's no guarantees it will work.

Keep in mind we don't condone people using the Bash Bunny for malicious use - it's purely made for pentesting, not hacking.

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