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Tracking phones using MAC


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Completely new and totally lost!

I've just started playing with a pineapple nano and so far haven't been able to find the answer I'm now looking for and hope you folks may be able/wiling to help please...

I want to be able to identify certain phones which are within range of my nano.  I would know the MAC address of each device, the SSID of their home network, the encryption type and very likely would know their password too, in advance and I'm not bothered about intercepting any traffic from the device.

My issue is due to Apple tumbling their MACs, if my understanding is correct; My pineapple will pick up the tumbled MAC but if I can force a four way handshake, the true MAC will be revealed.  However, I'm struggling to force that connection to a device looking for an encrypted network.

So my questions:
- is it possible to spoof an encrypted network?
- how do I do it and get it to connect!?
- what's the best way to monitor those connections (I don't need to log them, just be aware when one pops up or leaves)?

I'm sorry if I'm wasting your time by asking obvious questions. 

Thank you in advance for any assistance!



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