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powershell not found !!


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Hi folks

I'm new to the forum and just getting my toes wet in the bash bunny world.

I am having a very strange error when running scripts. Basically, when something like the following (from WiPassDump) Q STRING powershelll -WindowStyle Hidden \$bunny\=\(gwmi win32_volume -f \'label=\\\"BashBunny\\\"\'\).NAME\; cd \$bunny\\loot\\WiPassDump\; netsh wlan export profile key=clear

I get the windows command prompt popping up and telling me that it cannot find powershel. That's powershell with one l, even though powershell has two ls in the script.

If I change the script to spell powershell with three Ls , i.e. powershelll, it works (it doesn't really , but i don't get the error message).


Anyone seen this before?




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18 minutes ago, Sebkinne said:

If the above is your script, then you misspelled powershell. You have three "L"s.

He said it doesn't work unless he has 3 "L"s..
2 "L"s and it only puts in 1..

Am I missing something, or are you? I'm really worried I completely missed something blindingly obvious..

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Thanks to everyone who answered. Yes - it is weird that the script has the correct spelling of powershell (2 Ls) but it tries too execute powershel (with one L). Adding the third L seemms to fix it but taht is just too weird to have to deal with. I will check the keyboard setting and see if that fixes it.


Thanks again.

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11 hours ago, DavidDoherty said:

And the answer was the simplest. As the default language is US I changed it to UK and of course it all worked.

Thanks for the suggestion Dave-ee Jones, and everyone else.

No problem! Languages are a bit frustrating sometimes, you're not the first to have some weird thing like that happen, haha.

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