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How do I Disassemble the tetra?


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I want to open the outter case. Mainly to flip the locking washers but also see the naked form factor. I've slipped a plastic pry tool in along the seam on the back but the connectors along the corners seem well made. My heavy handed antics usually take over here & the end results are often broken parts. 

Deep breath.

step back.

ask the forum.

Tips or tricks to opening the case?

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Preferably not with any of the following:

  • Hammer
  • Sledgehammer (OP version of the previous)
  • Spanner
  • The whole toolbox (seriously, those things are really heavy)
  • Your head (unless of course it's psychological)

Seriously though, are there any stickers or anything on it? They usually hide screws and things. You might need an extra set of hands and pry open each corner at the same time.

Also, you MAY want to check with @Sebkinne first because I think I've seen someone ask a similar question and they MAY have been turned down.

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2 hours ago, Foxtrot said:

Underneath each rubber foot on the bottom is a small Philips head screw. Remove these and then gently pry the top of the case off by going around it with a guitar pick or similar tool.

Make sure you put the lid on the right way when you reassemble it.

For the win. Thank you. I posted a similar question in the nano forum. I doubt there's screws but I'll wait until someone replies.  

Thanka again!

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