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hey guys  i have been searching alot how to secure my apache server  ...i have found  libapache-modsecurity

the webserver is running on debian9 ...no gui lol

but i followed the guides  ..to turne SecRuleEngine on 

but when i do  i try to restart  ....service apache2 restart

and apache  is just dead it the water lol   so now  im turning to you guys

maybe im not doing something right  idk   but i scanned my website with vega  ...i know how to use lets encrypt  i just havent done that part yet lol

but vega  says my site  has  xss flaws and ssql  and  of course  clear http  ...bc i havent installed certbot yet

but can any of you all tell me or give me advice on how to secure my apache2 server ??  modsecurity and  add owasp rules-crs ??  im having a hard time  understanding

i really need help on this guys pls   ..if  i have been unclear because im not the best at explaining lol    feel free to ask questions  and ill try to explain better  thanks in advance

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