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Harllen Dias

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21 minutes ago, quentin.lamamy said:

Hi guy,

On this board we speak only english. Please try to translate your poste and we will try to help you.

See you soon here.

Rough translation:

On 8/26/2017 at 1:39 AM, Harllen Dias said:

Good afternoon, I'm having trouble installing my Bunny Bash tools, I copied the .deb files to tools but it does not install when I plug the Bunny in arming mode the files are still there, Firmware v1.3 is installed. sorry for English

(perdoe minha tradução para o português) De onde você está obtendo as ferramentas? Tente aqui:

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48 minutes ago, quentin.lamamy said:

@Dave-ee Jones If we accept that all newbie come on board and speak his native language i let you add a google translate button in the toolbar xD

It's very clear what he was asking, he was clearing having trouble with the tools.

On 8/26/2017 at 1:39 AM, Harllen Dias said:

copiei os arquivos .deb para tools

'Copiei' can assumedly mean 'copy', '.deb' is an extension the tools use and the word 'tools' is still 'tools' in Portuguese, therefore he has copied the tools over to his Bash Bunny (as he said) and he's having troubles. He didn't mention anything else relating to the Bash Bunny except 'Firmware 1.3' and 'armamentos' which means 'arming' which relates to the switch position. From that you can see he's upgraded to firmware 1.3 and has copied the tools to the Bunny in 'armamentos' mode, and having issues. Only issue it could really be while it's in arming mode is the tools didn't install. You may also notice the word 'instalado', as well, which can be assumed to mean 'install', so again, tools installing error.

It's just a bit of reading what's there and using common knowledge and sense. :P

But yes, I did verify that with Google Translate..

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