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Wp6.sh just doesn't work...


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New PineApple TETRA. Running the stock VirtualBox Kali VM on a MacBook. I have successfully completed initial setup (like 500 times). I can get the pineapple interface working over USB. I can get the Kali Box to pull up the pineapple in a browser. I have the internal WAN adapter in KALI bridged to the MacBook Wifi adapter and Kali can browse to the internet.

When I run the WP6.sh script it doesn't detect the pineapple as the Guided setup runs. The pre check doesn't detect it either. Thus when I run it I end up with a screen of endless dots. Is there something wonky going on with the script not liking the Kali network drivers or something ? I've reset, reflashed firmware, rebuilt Kali several several times. Wp6.sh just won't detect the pineapple. Oddly enough when you select the CONNECT TO PINEAPPLE if hits it fine and exits the script.


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