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Stuck trying to boot...


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Hey Group,

I pulled out my old Mark V and dusted the unit off.  I'm trying to get the unit started but it isn't working properly.  I've booted the unit and waited and waited and waited...all I'm getting is the green light is solid, the amber is flickering, and the blue is flickering.  The unit never seems to fully initialize.  I've tried the factory dip switch reset and still the same thing.

I can ping but going to just gives me the nginx "502 Bad Gateway" error.  Likewise, I can SSH to the unit and it hands me the certificate to accept, but no idea on the password.

Pulled out the microSD card and mounted it on my Linux box...card is blank.  Is it supposed to be blank or is the OS supposed to be on here?

I guess I need to start over which is fine.  But how does one start from scratch?  I'm having a hard time finding the files as the website now has moved on from the Mark V to the newer models.  Where can I go with my blank microSD card to get this working?


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