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Pandora Jar on Linux ?


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Hello, i'm trying to make pandora jar working under linux (ubuntu, based on debian).

The mp3s are correctly found, but the song artist and band are not detected by the javascript. I'm using flash7, because there is no flash8 for linux, but the 7 or the 9....

I can try debugging the thing, but it lacks of verbose....

How does the javascript object detect the parameters ?

anything could be helpfull...

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I spent a bit of time on this. didn't get very far - but was able to figure out that for whatever reason some JS vars were not getting set they way the rest of Pandora' s jar expects....or so it seemed to me...

I used the JS debugger available as an FF extension - I think it used to be called venkman or something like that in the old Mozilla suite....now it is just an extension... If you are persistent I bet you can figure it out.

FWIW: Debugging this issue, I learned enough about Pandora - that I chose to take another route to 'timeshifting'. You can see some older posts about 'proxy time-shifting'. For me, this works well on both windows & linux regardless of flash revision (or browser). Oh and I am working on a UI to go along with cli interface.

Oh and FYI: there is a flash9 beta 2 or 3 out - for linux. It is relatively new - came out in November-ish. Google should help you find it. Doubt it will fix the JS problems - and there is every indication that it will actually make Pandora's jar less workable - since I think the way temporary files are downloaded and saved by flash changed in FP9....

good luck

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The javascript was way messed up for me. The gist was that a Pandora object was never really getting defined. There was one in the public API provided by Pandora, but it was being overridden by a crappy 1 (or so)-liner that never seemed to work. If you do things a little more like (how I think) they were intended, it works. And by that, I mean properly registering a callback function instead of just overriding the object definition. See my post in http://www.hak5.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3968 (timestamp Mon Dec 11, 2006 4:32 am) for more details.

I had to debug that javascript up and down. So if you're stuck somewhere, chances are I can help you through. Keep in mind that PJ relies on a lot of calls in js files that come from Pandora's site. So you need to muck around in those, too.

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