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Bash Bunny v3.1 Possible LED Bug


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Hi Everyone, I'm new to the Forums and I recently purchased the Essentials Field Kit. Upon checking the Bash Bunny Firmware version, It appeared to be v1.0 so I proceeded to updating it to the v1.3. Upon successfully updating it to v3.1, I noticed that whenever I plug the Bunny in Arming mode, the LED blinks the solid green(Boot up) followed by a solid magenta(which has never happened before the firmware update). and then finally to the blinking Blue(Setup mode).This happens whenever i plug it in arming mode even though I don't have any .deb files currently placed in the /tools/ directory of mass storage(I only installed Impacket once after successfully updating to v1.3). Is the solid magenta LED color I mentioned normal when in Arming mode for Bash Bunny v1.3? 

Also just another question that is unrelated to the LED. I noticed that when plugging in the bunny in its default configuration (in either switch 1 or 2) the Mass storage partition becomes available which from my understanding and from what I read from the Hak5 Field Kit Pocket Guide, should not be accessible. Is this because of the default payload.txt having the string, "ATTACKMODE SERIAL STORAGE"? Just wondering. Thanks in advance!

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Hi Avalon, 

Please make sure to post in the correct section of the forum in the future. I have moved your post. 

In regards to your questions, the LED pattern is completely normal, and mass storage is available in the default switch1 and switch2 payloads because they have ATTACKMODE STORAGE specified. This wasn't always the case, but has been since v1.3.

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Hi Sebkinne,

Apologies for posting on the wrong forum. Thank you clarifying! I was trying to look up the new LED Arming mode sequence in the v1.3 Change log but couldn't find it there. Glad that the solid Magenta LED was completely normal. Glad to be part of this awesome community!

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