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How to Share internet in Windows?need help···


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My english is not enough to understand this sentence that “Configure a payload.txt for ATTACKMODE RNDIS_ETHERNET” ;

what is meaning about “Configure a payload.txt";

because  i  find  two  payload.txt at least in zhe Bash Bunny


what is meaning about "RNDIS_ETHERNET"

how to do this,i am crazy!


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Payloads are what the Bash Bunny is for. If you don't know anything about them you probably should have done some research before buying a Bash Bunny.

A 'payload.txt' is a file that is run when the Bash Bunny is plugged in a specific switch mode.

E.g. If I put a 'payload.txt' file in the 'switch1' folder, then unplug/replug the Bunny back in with the switch in the first position (furthest away from USB end) it will run the 'payload.txt' file.

When it says "configure a payload.txt for ATTACKMODE RNDIS_ETHERNET" it means the 'payload.txt' file you placed in one of the switch folders should look like this:


RNDIS_SPEED_10000 limits the speed of the adapter to 10Mbps, allowing your PC to still use your internet connection and share it with the Bunny.

From here you can keep following the tutorial.

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