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AR Hacking - Deviant Ollam (2016-CarolinaCon)


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For those applicable: If you have ever thought of building your own ar-15 or have one and want a refresher. With some humorous banter, this video is informative. From CarolinaCon by Deviant Ollam(?) in 2016.

The title is a bit misleading as he goes over some of the options in regards to changing the upper to change the caliber. He failed to go into a slew of options like a 9mm, 6.5 Grendel or the .50 Beowulf to name a few. Still informative if it's your cup o' tea.


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His talks are always good. Saw him speak at Derbycon in 2011.

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I was in the military for a number of years and never once thought about building my own AR till I saw this video last year.  It dawned on me that I used one all the time, but why have I never built one from the ground up.  After watching this I built my own.  One of the best ways to really know how your firearm works. 

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