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Proxy middle man attack


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it´s possible to make a middle man attack in our proxy, i mean, i want to make a proxy server on a raspberry pi 3, and get all data (like wireshark when sniffs), incluying https requests.

my second question is, how to make the data get in my server (the rpi) without configuring the modem and the dmz, something like redirect the request with a external server and a client on the pi. my internet company change mi modem recently, and even so when i configure the dmz on it, and the portforwarding, the external connections don't get in, im looking for a alternative.

(again, sorry for my bad english)

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If it's behind NAT, about the only thing you can do(if you can't setup a DMZ or port forwarding), is outward connecting. Clients trying to use the proxy won't be able to connect. Also, how do the clients know to use your proxy? What are you using for the proxy to handle client connections? Doesn't make much difference if they can't reach it, but just curious how you think this proxy thing works.

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Something like this: https://www.google.com.co/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=%23&ved=0ahUKEwjXm_T_3r7VAhXJ1CYKHdb-AvgQwqsBCCYwAw&usg=AFQjCNF1sHlk2z9QIx28jtvfnGP_UlkifA.

The another option it's setting-up a VPN, anyway with the two options, all client Internet data will pass through the rpi.

How I setup the "outward connecting" and how this works.

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I actually wrote a proxy server for the Bash Bunny, making the computer use the Bunny as it's proxy server allowing the Bunny to monitor all the traffic going through it. Didn't work very well as 1. it was still technically the PC's internet as it was being shared with the Bunny so the Bunny could proxy the traffic and 2. you have to setup the internet connection for the Bunny before it can act as a proxy. You also have to tell the PC to use the Bunny as it's proxy server (PS supports this I think).

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