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WoW and IP tracing?


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Hi, I dint know where eles to ask this so ill try it here. I play world of warcraft and someone recently is trying to scam me out of my acc/PW. They pertented to be my friend, but im 100% sure this personne is trying get by info off me. He even told me he sells/trades accounts alot, and could hardy awnser me when I ask him where he gets all these accounts from.

Anyways, im just playing mind games with him right now. And I now have access to one of his many accounts. Im planning on changing the account PW and email so he cant send his PW to his email using the Secret Question.

Now what im worried about, and what im asking you guys. If he calls blizzard and tries to retreave his account, can blizzard trace my IP and see if theirs any other accounts that use that IP, and ban it? What can I do if this is true? can I change my IP adr back and fourth? will that work? Do I have anything to worry about?

I would never do this to someone who dint deserve it, this guy does it many times im sure of it.

if you have any advise,

Please help,

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It's technically possible for Blizzard to do this, yes.

Your best bet is to inform Blizzard about this guy, and let them deal with it. If they don't well, not your problem. I just wouldn't befriend this particular individual. Right now he probably considers himself the shit by stealing the accounts of others. The last thing anybody should do is encourage him by going "woah! You got an extra/free account? Cool! Can I have one?".

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although it is conceviable, I cant imagine Blizzard would trace ur IP, and thanks to DHCP i can't imagine you will have any trouble, change the password and teach this guy a lesson

Then, stop playing wow and play some games that take some skill and not just time, my suggestion CS Source.

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Its not that I would be asking him for a "extra account". Since I told him I feel uncomfortable sharring my info, when he asked to tryout my warrior. I told him he would probably feel the same way if I asked to play his for a while. But he dint, he said I could tryout a account. He thinks i am unawhere that he scams ppl.

And I cant realy reporte this to blizzard he was smart enuf too only talk about it on AIM.

Is their anything eles I can do to prevent blizzard from connecting this account to mine?

SmoothCriminal, I play WoW for a MMORPG and it dosent only require time, but skill aswell. And ive tried source, I dont like it. I play CS 1.6.

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All you're going to tell them is "This person is fucking around. Look at accounts X, and possibly Y and Z. The guy bragged to me he's taken them over, and I get the distinct feeling he's after mine now aswell". Feel free to include the AIM conversation, but any admin will be distrusting of you simply because your 'evidence' can be easily faked.

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thanks for the help cooper, :D

But if I realy want to try and take this account from him, that he would probably sell for atleast 200$. Is my original account in danger of getting banned b/c ill be using the same IP when logging on both accounts.

Is there anything I can do to prevent that from hapening? :shock:

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i don't think that it's really a good idea to change the password to this account

if you think about it, you're not messing with his account, this is the account of the person from whom he stole the account.

I'm going to guess that the best thing to do is to tell blizzard about this guy.

If the original owners of the accounts complain saying, "this guy stole my account give it back" blizzard might just tell them to fuck off, but with a 3rd party saying, "this guy is fucking around, look at account x, y and z" it might do a better job of helping the guys who lost their accounts

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