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What is the packet squirrel?

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I think we may do a pre-order next week leading up to the launch on Friday, but it wouldn't be publicized really. Just something special for us cool peeps on the forums & IRC.

Ahem...  So does being mid Sept. constitute appeasing our endless anticipation with at least another hint?  Can't blame a fellow for trying right...

Just working on securing a venue for a Hak5 event in San Francisco mid October to introduce you all to our new furry friends. ?️?️?️

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13 hours ago, zoro25 said:

All the ones I mentioned could all be BS domains :-) 

The Squirrel is the only one we know is real. 

You have no idea how many domains get registered from random conversations that happen at the warehouse lol. It's almost every time I visit, a new domain is bought just because why not lol.

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From the picture of: https://twitter.com/digininja


It reads:

The packet squirrel by Hak5 is a pocket sized Ethernet multi-tool for penetration testers and system administrators. Packet captures, MITM and remote access are made easy with its simple scripting language. online payload library and initiative interface. 

Flip the switch to desired payload, plug it in and get instant feedback from the multi-color LED.


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1 minute ago, HeavyVin said:

Any remote possibility of a slim chance there just may be a student discount? Even with the $5 off it is $60 after shipping.

There's a code on packetsquirrel.com - just gotta view source. Move quick before the domain is transferred :)

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1 minute ago, Michael Weinstein said:

And ordered.  Wish I could attend the event tomorrow, but I’m in Florida hacking the gibson genome.

We'll miss you! Shout out to my home state! What what Dade County! 1001011001101001ACGTTGCACACAGGTA, right?

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