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Should you use vpn with anonsurf?


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I haven't dug in to anon surf but have seen it in action.

On 7/30/2017 at 3:49 PM, Lord_KamOS said:

that would be like using a vpn combined with TOR og I2P, i guess that could help depending on the vpn.


Like he said it it is just like running Tor over the VPN.  You would have to make sure that you VPN is compatible with TOR not all of them allow TOR communication.  Depending on what you are looking at using it for, it may not be full proof,  All Tor entrance/exit nodes are public so keep that in mind (if you are have the intention of doing nefarious things).  Adrian Crenshaw has given a couple of talks about how Tor users got caught. 


with that said if you are looking just to anonimize your traffic and maintain privacy then that should be fine.

if you are looking to become a ghost online you will need a lot more then just VPN and Tor,  The only way that you can really be a ghost online is to never get online

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Things not to do while tor-ring:


I use a nordvpn router through an openvpn router to double encapsulate the data. 

Also I use https://whoer.net and https://doileak.com to double check my footprint.

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