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Using Virtual Resolution to Surpass Monitor Limits


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Is there software out there that allows you to have a virtual resolution? For example, it would allow a monitor that has a maximum resolution of 1024x768 to 2084x1572 simply by zooming out by 50%. If there isn't one out there, is it possible to create an application that would do that? I've googled for an answer without much luck.

thx in advance

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errrm change icon and text sizes, and resize your windows so they are smaller, that way you’ll have all the joy of squinting to see the stuff on the screen.

I’m interested in why you want to do this. Since even if it does work it’ll only give you the appearance of a higher res, and’ll probably distort a fair bit.

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I want to do this because when i program I need to have many windows open simultaneously. At work I use two monitors when i program, but at home i only have one. I was trying to have a large desktop space without buying a second monitor.

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