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Can the tetra report on suspicious Deauth commands


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Hi there, 

I'm responsible for running entry systems for festivals - many gates using 50 scanners each working over wifi. I am concerned that somebody is going to think it's a jolly jape to set up a deauth attack on a gate which would stop our scanners working. When we have 50,000 people waiting to come in, it's very bad news.

Can I deploy the tetra to watch for suspicious deauth packets if I suspect that's what happening? At least then I can inform the authorities that's what happening, not just our kit not working.

I need the tetra because depending on the environment we are on 2.4 and 5Ghz



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12 hours ago, bobbins said:

Can I deploy the tetra to watch for suspicious deauth packets

I have kinda used my tetra to look for deauth packets. I installed horst from the tetra using opkg. https://github.com/br101/horst/blob/master/README.md

In horst theres a stats page that allows you to view packets by type in %. of total traffic I could spot some basic DOS methods. Wont help so much tho with single targeted de-auths tho.

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