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Figuring out m3u8 stream


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Hi guys,

I'm very new to this whole thing so please bear with me. I found a stream for the ESPN Deportes channel online and tried to get the m3u8 stream with no luck. The link I found the stream at is (I recommend having and ad blocker cuz this site has like 3 pop ups):


Now both Wireshark and the Video DownloadHelper extension from Firefox tell me that the m3u8 link for the stream with the highest bitrate is http://ak-hls-brs-espndep.espn.go.com/hls/live/218618/p/espndep-p-4500/espndep-p-4500.m3u8

I tried playing that stream in VLC and at https://www.hlsplayer.net/ but so far haven't had any luck. Can you guys direct me at what I'm missing please?

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VLC won't know what to do with it, if it's not linked to playable files it recognizes with full URL paths to the files. Without looking, I imagine the files are more parted files, either more lists of m3u8 files, or links to .tn files which it combines on the fly to reduce buffering large video files,  but also probably relative links, not full URL's to the files, so won't know where they are. Save the m3u8 and open it in a text editor, then find all the files and download all of them, and continue till you find the video file. If they are blob files, they aren't always down-loadable depending on what is in the file, and are usually a reference for a streamed only file similar to rtmp files.

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