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A little vacation, A little Hacking fun...


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So Im excited to say I will be going on vacation in august to mexico (PTO Vallarta). Now last time i went i brought my laptop but wasnt as seasoned and knowledgeable as i am now. What im looking for is just a bit of fun nothing to crazy (but hey i keep an open mind :grin: ) This time i am bringing a raspberry pi loaded with kali, tp-link wn722n (atheros chip), maybe my laptop, and of course my Wifi Pineapple Nano. Back home i was also thinking of setting up a server i can use as a vpn to my main machine that has decent processing power and lots of storage.

I guess my question is what have you guys done at hotels with paid and non-paid wifi? i dont think ill be paying for wifi so what kind of tricks do you guys know to poke around for internet?

some places even have ethernet jacks which id love to play around with nmap. maybe some of you guys have tips?

I watched an episode of Hack Across The Planet a few weeks ago (ep 2206) where Darren Kitchen used wireshark to get unencrypted HTTP requests from rooms around him to reveal...uh...things and thought that was awesome. If you guys have anything cool i can try or tips i will actually be keeping up on this post with things im planning, things im doing, and things ive done. Its like my own hack across the planet!....but just across mexico. and not really across just one place. anyway you get the idea. any help is greatly appreciated! Cheers!

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Don't worry about a VPN, just use a simple client like TeamViewer with unattended and easy access enabled. Saves you from being under attack by peeps looking for open ports and VPN servers.

I don't think many will help you to hack someone else's WiFi, as it is hacking and we don't support people who look for trouble in that respect.

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