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Ethernet Home Security Cameras


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I'm wanting to do a setup about 3-4 cameras for my house. I want them to be ethernet ready so I can plug and go, but also want to set them up very similar to ep2. Do you have any recommendations on brands of cameras? I want to be able to view them from work over the net. We have a cable connection (3.0down-256up) just wondering what any of you have tried or any new projects that spawned from the hak5 ep and how does your bandwidth usage play out with these if they are steaming video or posting pics to web?.


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http://www.ipcctvcameras.co.uk/WiredIPCameras.htm (UK Prices, kinda cheap)

http://www.stardot-tech.com (american, far more pricey)

http://www.mobileplanet.com/search.asp?sid...&cat=ETHCAM Bit cheaper, american (althought parent company is fairly global so international orders shouldn't be an issue).

About 100£/180$ per camera, plus a 4-port switch/8 port router to hook it all into. You will also need a spare PC to act as a webserver (to pull the feeds from the various cameras, combine/compress it and stream them out onto the web (via the router i mentioned)).

With 256kbit upload though, it will be kinda crappy quality, and if you have people who use Bittorrent/p2p... forget about it. You just don't have the bandwidth for it. Pictures, no problem, all you have to do is set the cameras to save an image with a certain name in a web accesible folder every X seconds, allowing overwright, then create a simple web page to display that image and refresh every X seconds.

Bandwidth wise, just stick a bandwidth logging util on the server and make sure it doesn't go to high. Then just tweak the quality[/size] of the video/image until it falls within acceptable limits.

BTW, check out this link to see loads of unsercured cameras around the world. (remeber, play nice...):


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