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How do you like to connect to your Tetra? :)


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Hmm, lots of views, not may replies...

Just to clarify, this is not a post asking "how do I connect to my Tetra?", this was more.. do you use the wall adapter, and connect via Wifi... or do you prefer to use a Powerbank, and connect via RJ45? Perhaps you have discovered that changing the subnet, and default gateway resulted in loss of functionality in some modules... and so on.

Personally, I have found that a powerbank, and a single USB cable (only using one usb port to eth1) works great with a laptop. I was just interested in what everyone else was doing.

If you are concerned about OPsec, of course its ok to reply as such ; )


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i plug mine into my router and login via ssh or the webui through whatever ip my router gives the tetra.  Easier than moving it around.

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I do the same as b0N3z when im at home, I also disable the management wifi network when connecting like that as i find it slightly improves recon etc. When im out and about I use the management wifi network and use a USB 3g/4g dongle for the interwebs.

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