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17 hours ago, kdodge said:

do not give up your employees email addresses, its a joke.


But to answer your questions.

King phisher should install fine on CentOS.

Maybe hire a red team or show them a documentary.




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Good on you for raising the awareness! There are many articles and posts on the internet that help you protect yourself from these attacks. Basically what you have to be careful of is spoofed websites and domains, and be very careful about giving any personal details online to anything.

In terms of "evil portals" (login pages that look legit but take your details), there are some common giveaways (for online ones anyway):

1. You may try and log into something as simple as Facebook, but you might notice the website URL looks something like this: "facebo.ok/login/portal" (or see attachment)

2. You might notice bad spelling mistakes or bad grammar - these are common signs of overseas hackers who have put their language into Google Translate and chucked it on a fake login portal

3. You might notice your browser is saying this website isn't secured (see attached)

4. You might even notice something as simple as an image not rendering correctly or out-of-place (different to usual, is what I'm getting at)

Those are all things you should look out for when you are thinking about inputting personal details into a website.



EDIT: I also noticed that the Facebook URL in the attachment - it doesn't even say "facebook" it says "facelook". It's amazing how much your eyes play tricks on you and they will exploit that, as they did there.

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