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On 7/24/2017 at 11:26 AM, Decoy said:

I've been thinking more about this. Are you talking about GPS locations and such? I'm think you could match on SSID/BSSID to grab that latitude/longitude from the WiGle files and give a more accurate picture of what (and where) you are looking at. This is a great idea.

More like a merge.  Trying to decide how to decide what db data take presidency.  Reason is WIGle db stores the signal strength of the AP while kismet does not what I can tell.  In my kismet db the fields for signal strength show zero.  I planned on using strength and time to determine if a record is to be updated.  I am thinking of making the DB backend that brings them together in MongoDB for flexibility.  Maybe after evolution and the structure solidifies I will go to mysql.

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