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Having trouble communicating with Hakshop


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Check your spam settings and if you are blocking their emails, try from a different email address, make sure you meet all the requirements with red * on https://hakshop.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Try again. Also, I never ordered from the shop, but try logging in, see if there are any user messages when logged in. Not sure if they have this function, but just a thought to look at what your settings are. Make sure there isn't anything like "do not contact me with emails" or such.

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I would look to see if you may have blocked them but it's not uncommon to have to wait a bit. The more emails you send, the more of a queue that builds up. Reply to the original thread if possible, or you may have to create a new ticket, which again delays things. There are only a few people in the shop that handle this, and right now they are also probably getting things ready for BlackHat and Def Con, which they may already be at and won't get back to the orders until after next week if that is the case, but I don't work for the hakshop can can't vouche for that. Best is patience and persistence. Forums are not customer service, and we're just members who watch the show like you. People come to the forums with complaints at times, but we don't have any direct connection with the shop side of things. This is the community side, and general public like yourself. If you were in the UK or EU, I'd say contact Rkiver. If in the USA then go through the shop, or try pinging one of them on Twitter, maybe they can relay the message to the shop, but they are probably headed to Vegas and won't be around much for the next 2 weeks.

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