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Please start PineAP and try again


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I believe I have set up my new Pineapple Nano OK. However when I try and 'Deauth' I get the error 'Please start the PineAP and try again'

In the PineAP menu I have everything checked ie

Allow Associations, Log Probes, Log Associations, Pineapple Daemon Enabled, Capture SSIDs to Pool, Beacon Response & Broadcast SSID Pool.

What might I be doing wrong to get this error?

Many thanks for any help

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Got my Pineapple nano yesterday and spent a few hours with it. So far have to say, very disappointed with it. It seems very hit and miss and I get the same
please start pine AP and try again message over and over - sometimes a reboot fixes it.

I have had better success with installing the site survey module as this seems to at least "attempt" to run the deauth process without complaining. However, it does not seem to deauth anything or capture a handshake. I have been trying on a test AP from a spare wi fi router I have in my house with a pc and smartphone connected to it. These clients never show up in the client and AP list (only the AP shows up) no matter how many scans are performed. Choosing deauth for the AP does nothing to the clients and if i try to capture the handshake and even manually disconnect the phone/pc and reconnect again actually entering the wpa2 password it does not capture it.

I know the above is possible as I can do the deauth and capture  from command line via kali linux with aircrack/airdump and a separate Alfa Network AWUS036NHA IEEE 802.11b/g/n wireless USB adapter so either I am not doing it right or maybe our devices are faulty?

Entrophy1024 - have you had any luck since?

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