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kali linux theme instalation


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I don't know how you get the theme on there, but maybe you put the wrong file in? Or maybe it's still within another folder or zip file? Just relook at the tutorials and go through them from the start, you've obviously missed something. Don't dismiss a Google search just because you think you've followed it but the results don't show..

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Haven't tried, since I run KDE for my Kali box and not Gnome, but assuming this works as stated here:


Copy the files to the correct location, then use tweak tool to switch the icons and theme as needed.



actually, just tried the above instructions, they worked(had to spin up a new Kali VM to use gnome since my default uses KDE), however, the theme you link to, I couldn't find so I tried a different one. However, not all the functions of the new theme I applied worked like the slider buttons in the tweak tool, didn't properly highlight the buttons on or off, look the same, but I think that is an issue with the theme I tried more than anything else. It does work though to switch the theme to a new one, just have to unzip to the location it stats and then enable the theme.

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From what I saw on the site, that theme you listed wasn't even available. Might be a reason it was archived. The link on the description is for http://craazyt.deviantart.com/art/Black-Out-GS-Gnome-Shell-Theme-290905604 which I assume you downloaded and installed from the zip on deviant art. Looking, the icons and wallpaper are separate downloads, and he doesn't link to the wallpaper itself, only the site he says he got it from. Be nice if he gave the wallpaper name.

Also the windows borders are from http://alecive.deviantart.com/art/ANewStartBLOOD-1-0-273905913 so seems some work to get that theme working is required a bit more than simple install.

edit: I managed to image search the wallpaper - http://dcervin.com/lamborghini-hd-full-screen-wallpaper-photo/lamborghini-hd-full-screen-wallpaper-photo-for-desktop-background/ choose your size to download the file in that resolution

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