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Click Link and be pwnd!!!


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Hello everybody......

I have recently added a domain and some webspace .....

my goal is now to get a reverseshell to the visitor of that page!
that means i have to infect this site in the way that if someone calls the he gets pwnd! and best without big spectacle and 3000 confirmations to be rallay really shure to install my trojan!

My LHOST is a Pi 2 with Kali!

To generate my code i use ps1encode!
What output file format do i need to take? php? js? html? acab? Please help!
On the server lie otherwise no further files!

2. Question: How or where or with what do I hide the code properly?
Is there something like a directive line?

Do i MUST use beef-xss` or is there another way to bypass user-confirmation?

who can help?

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