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Question regarding WiFi Pineapple TETRA


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Salutations, the wifi pineapple was recommended to me for a specific use case I have so I thought I'd ask on here to verify that it was actually able to do so. I'm out in the sticks and I'm forced to use an unlimited hotspot plan as there is nothing better and I'm trying to find a router that can capture the wifi signal from my hotspot then push it through to other computers that I put on the router via wifi and hardwire. As this hotspot makes a very poor router. Any help is greatly appreciated and thank you in advanced for any help you are all able to provide.

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You can do this with the wifi pineapple.  You would connect the pineapple as a client to the hotspot and then all your other devices to the pineapple's wifi.  You maybe able to connect the hotspot directly to the pineapple if it's a supported model, I'm not sure what exactly is.  Also if you are using a phone you can tether it via usb as long as the wifi pineapple android app works with your phone (it does on my droid turbo, not on my s7 edge from verizon though). 

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