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Nano Virtualbox Kali solution

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after exhaustive attempts to connect the the wifi pineapple to a Vbox kail vm , i have come to this conclusion : install vmware workstation player ---> solved

seriously , i tried chnaging network configurations , installed every possible extesion  and guest addon , even manually installing usb driver from the vbox folder , pluging and unplugging countless times , adding a regular usb to the vm , adding a manual usb using product and vendor id , using manual wp6.sh and guided setupd.... and countless other things and the vbox would still not recognize the pineapple ... after almost loosing my mind i tried vmware and it worked flawlessly on the first try .... i dont know whether to be happy or enraged , anyways if anyone else out there is going through the same thing ... try vmware worksatation player its free .

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I've always used VMWare for all my virtual projects, been with them since ESX V1.

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Running nano in VirtualBox.  So my setup for virtual box is (at least the relativeparts to this) I'm on a macbook pro running VB with kali rolling what ever version

Network: NAT (though it ought to be possible to run it bridged as well but with NAT its a bit easier when I use my VPN)

I found a script that helps setup using the pineapple you can grab here:


plug in ur nano then find the devices menu at the top probably (its a drop down) select usb and select the device it should automatically recognize

then run the wp6 script and select guided setup following instructions it should connect 

This was all done on a macbook pro.  If your using a different OS on a different machine you may have varied results hope it helps you out....I personally dont like vmware too much find I have issues with it.  But frankly what ever works for ya is probably the best solution!  Just thought I'd share my setup.



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