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Inconspicuous SSIDs and their Attractive Counterparts


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Subconsciously affective words and names are a facinating thing. As such, some AP names stick out like a pirate at a daycare, some are as visually quiet as my pullup bar. Which ones do you notice more or pass over easily?

I have a hard time noticing the SSID quadauq in a populated list. When visually scanning that list, my mind seems to pass over palindromic words more often than non-palindromic words. It could also be the wonky q's and d.

Does any one have any info to share on great Inconspicuous words or SSIDs?

what about the opposite direction? 

Any SSIDs that you enjoy using that draw the eye and probably the NIC?

The SSID attwifi is a surefire way to gather clients as people aren't drawn to it so much, but a huge number of devices sure are. I assume most of you know what all AT&T devices automatically connect to the hotspot attwifi (if I remember correctly; att_wifi, att wifi, att-wifi and capitalized combinations therein). I think there's also a pre-defined list for the other major players like tmobile and sprint phones. Othertimes I immagine  CITY WIFI would be a good one, which I assume is generic and plausible enough for the common man to shrug and connect.

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