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Custom firmware and/or package list


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Im really not liking the default tools that come with the pineapple, I wanted to work a bit with mitmf, and while I see firmware that caters for that, I dont see anything for the tetra? Anyone know of good custom firmware to use or perhaps a list of available installable packages for the tetra?

Basically I would like to work with mitmf and bettercap if possible. 

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I may be wrong but I think the pineapples would struggle to run either MITMf or Bettercap even if there were openwrt packages available. there was some history but I dont think it came to anything.

However in there future there MAY be a merger of the Bashbunny and Pineapple to allow such things. Don’t ask for time-scale as its only been loosely referred to and may never come to fruition but it would be a great combo if, as or when.

have a read of this whole post for a little more detail -


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Ok thank you, so its kinda ettercap or gtfo for now. Aah well ettercap is better than nothing. I bought the full tactical kit so I look forward to development in this space. Its a pity you cant launch some kinda midget arp poisoner client, but most of the brute work is done on a remote server

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no the tetra and nano are openwrt based devices, while the bashbunny is a debian based OS.  So bettercap is possible with the bashbunny but not the pineapples.  

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