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Bash Bunny Broke


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I just recently received my Bash Bunny and was struggling to install the tools. I decided to mess around with the  install.sh and ended up causing the Bash Bunny to become stuck. I removed the Bash Bunny and cannot get it to do anything now. When plugged in the green LED goes of for about 2 seconds then goes off... Nothing happens after that and changing the switch does nothing different. I have no clue on what I can do...  thanks for any responses.

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Plug and unplug it 3 times (wait for the light to come on each time - then pull it out immediately - do it 3 times).

More information: https://wiki.bashbunny.com/#!./index.md#Firmware_Recovery

And if that doesn't work, try serialing into it anyway while it's in Arming mode (details here) and use the commands:

udisk reformat

(I think that's the right one, haven't tested for a while)

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